We are a registered Accounting and Taxation firm at IAC, as well as SAIBA, specializing in:


Profinan Services is a recognised and registered accounting firm – we are passionate about the implementation of the latest and most time efficient methods and technologies in financial accounting and reporting. We believe that time is valuable and should be managed efficiently. By working at a rapid pace, you’ll save money for the time spent on data capturing.


Eagles are symbols of strength, courage and freedom – they posses vitality and are high flyers. They are fearless and never surrender to the size or strength of its prey. Eagles are never swayed by the severity of their challenges, but face each obstacle head-on.


Inspired by the majestic Lion, we are determined to break the stigma of fear, uncertainty and dread surrounding the calculation and payment of taxes.

Secretarial Services

An elephant is a strong example of a good leader, they are committed to the group and also co-operate effectively as a team. Elephants are highly intelligent animals – they are unstoppable, determined and protective.

Much like the great Elephant in nature, Company Secretarial Services plays a huge role in your business.


Buffaloes are extremely large animals and can weigh between 660 and 1 900 pounds. They have an incredible sense of smell and can be very dangerous.

When it comes to Debt Collection, we do not hesitate to tackle the ”buffalo” by the horns. We understand that the collection of outstanding monies can be intimidating and that it can affect relationships negatively.


Rhinos are brilliant beasts and are known for their giant horns, hence their perfectly descriptive name “Rhinoceros” which means “nose horn”.

Considering the size of these incredible creatures, we regard the significance and importance of sound financial advice, as a sizeable and crucial part of your business.